Words Matter

This course is about the power of the spoken word. It aims to get you to think seriously about the words you use.  Words have greater ramification in life than most realize.  Words can heal and harm – you get to choose how to wield this powerful tool.  This class teaches how to use affirmations. Before we get there, it emphasizes the power of the spoken word. Knowing this can make you very discerning as to what comes out of your mouth. I give a number of ways to consider words; speak of their impact on your mental, emotional and energetic levels; and end the program with ways to craft and use affirmations in your daily life. This class is a collection of (3) videos:

Video 1 gives multiple ways to think about the power of the spoken word.

Video 2 addresses who and what you are speaking to when saying affirmations and what you are doing in this process.

Video 3 contains information on how to craft, speak and use effective affirmations. Also discussed is how to select the actual words, as well as how to enhance the affirmation practice.

If you find your interest piqued and keep coming back to consider this class, I’d say it has at least one important message for you. Its energy is pulling you to enter this teaching portal and discover what it could be. The combination of words used in this course might be the key that unlocks knowledge already contained within you. Allow me to make a case for being impeccable with your words. Learn how to unleash your soul’s potential with affirmations so that you can experience more peace and joy in your life.