Things are different now…

A friend told me this is her new mantra and shared how amazing it has been for her. Saying these words reminds her she can choose another way. Maybe she didn’t know she could choose another way in the past, or maybe she didn’t have the skills to do so. Either way, saying this phrase affirms she is a different person now and that circumstances aren’t what they used to be. It prompts her to choose an outlook that brings her harmony. These words help her choose optimism and peace instead of defaulting to patterns she picked up over time that no longer serve her.

Things are different now. This woman recognizes she has the power to choose another way to see the world. She understands things can shift unexpectedly, but accepts that is the nature of this world and it need not steal her peace as it has done in the past. She is deciding to see life with new eyes, and her choice brings greater ease and flow to her days. This shift came from four simple words strung together and said out loud over a period of time. You can call this a mantra or call it an affirmation. Whatever you call it, the words create synergy and call forth a new way to interact with the world.

The words you speak matter. Words have the power to rock your core. They set the energy level for your days and impact what experiences are magnetized to you. Something about words has fascinated me for years; one of my favorite college classes years ago was all about words. We learned about etymology and how words feel on the mental and physical levels; it was a very soothing and delightful class and I craved more when it finished. I found this “more” when I discovered affirmations; using affirmations radically changed my life in a positive manner. They helped bring more peace, joy, and balance into my days.

Everything we say is an affirmation; words can be both blessings and curses. We use words to champion ourselves and also use them to argue for our limitations. Understanding how affirmations work helps me be deliberate with my words so I send myself blessings instead of curses. I use words to cast beautiful spells over my consciousness. They charm me into becoming a more peaceful person.

You, too, are a magician capable of casting powerful spells. You have the ability to create deliberate shifts in your life with the words you use. If you are interested in learning how to enchant yourself and your days, consider enrolling in the Words Matter course. This 3-part course shows ways to bless yourself with positive and kind words; it also sheds light on how you might be unwittingly cursing yourself with what you say.

Things are different now, and you get to choose how they are different. Do you see your days as different because things are better than they used to be? Or, do you see them as different because your focus is on what is no longer in your life? The choice is yours. Personally, I choose to see things as better than they used to be. I see time as a gift, a gift that has taught me to see things as always working out for my highest and greatest good. This type of beautiful story (a.k.a. BS) enhances my world. What kind of BS are you telling yourself? My wish for you is it is the sort that beautifies your life and contains elements that anchor your dreams into this reality.