Nature is a portal for Amanda, a gateway to heal and transform outdated views to ones that better suit her life’s path. Learning and being around plants and flowers put her in the timeless state she remembers as a 4-year old playing outside, smelling the grass, and feeling the gentle spring breeze – all while experiencing an intense vitality and excitement for life.

Amanda has a background in bookkeeping and office management; all her jobs have involved various levels of teaching and client support. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from California State University Hayward, where she studied factors that contribute to a person’s elemental temperament and world view. She has a keen interest in hearing others’ stories and understanding how past experiences have shaped their current perspectives.

Amanda is a lifelong student of esoteric and spiritual subjects, ranging from astrology to A Course in Miracles. A common thread in her studies is that people are already whole and healed, and one’s life journey is a process of remembering this truth. Flower essences are her specialty. She finds they help unearth subtle, but profound changes that are waiting to be brought forward in a person’s life.

The plants led her to Berkeley Herbal Center in 2015, where she completed an intensive 4-year training in clinical western herbalism. She worked directly with clients during the last two years of her training in the school’s clinic. Under the tutelage of the center’s founder Pam Fischer, as well as studying under BHC’s staff of herbalists, Amanda examined a wide variety of factors that contribute to (and detract from) a state of well-being.  On this leg of the plant path, she studied under David Winston and was trained by Will Morris in the art of pulse and tongue diagnostics. Her journey continued with a heavier emphasis on flower and vibrational essences – her true passion. Amanda studied with Cynthia Athina Kemp Scherer (Desert Alchemy Flower Essences), Muriel Pichard (Atlantic Essences) and Rachel Singleton (LightBringer Essences).

She is comfortable holding space for those going through (or wanting to go through) a transformative part of their journeys. Amanda feels her role as a flower essence practitioner is to offer suggestions and provide support wherever mental, emotional, and/or spiritual assistance is needed.

Contact Amanda to figure out if she is a good helper for you on your journey. Healing is a very personal and intimate process, one that deserves respect and care by all members of your wellness team.