Providing a clear and concrete definition for flower essences can be tricky. They do not have any known active chemical component to explain how they help alter a person’s relationship to the world. Yet, this is what they do. Flower essences are said to be energetic or vibrational medicine. They work in the physical world, but do not originate from this world. They are part of the formless realm. Essences are elusive, subtle, expansive, surreal, delightful, and (most importantly) very supportive and healing.

Flower Essence Services defines them as energetic imprints of a plant’s life force that interact with a person’s subtle body. You can consider them energetic guides that offer suggestions to the non-physical part of you; they inspire you to view things from another perspective. When you change how you look at the world, new options and insights become available. And, only information relevant for you is received. Flower essences are safe for all beings – from babies to elders, from animals to even other plants. They do not interact with medications, as they communicate with a level outside of your physiology. Examples of their work can be found here.

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