Introduction to Flower Essences

Nature is healing. This is one statement our divided world seems to agree on.  How many times have you felt depleted and were inspired to go into the natural world to recharge? More likely than not, once you were there you rediscovered parts of yourself that seemed lost to you in our modern world. Mother Nature knows how to bring balance back into what is often a very unbalanced world. When you interact with the earth, you receive messages on some level that remind you that who you really are is a whole, healed, and balanced being. Wouldn’t you like to be reminded of this more often? 

To receive guidance from Mother Earth, you do not need to live in the woods or travel far distances to study with shamans in remote villages. You can receive messages from the earth on a more consistent basis, even as you traverse the urban jungle. The messengers are flower essences. They are emissaries of the formless realm, here to offer their gentle guidance on ways to bring forth the real you – your soul being that lives behind the many masks society convinces all are needed to survive in this world. Essences inspire you to make shifts in your life. They show you new ways to approach yourself, other people, and the world around you. And, they help you let go of things that no longer serve you. They do all of this gently and never invite in more than you can handle. 

Essences are often hidden in plain sight at your local herb or natural food store. They are a portal to wellness available to all. Some consider flower essences strange or a mystery, but they need not be for you. They really aren’t strange – they are different. No better, no worse; they are simply beings from a different culture that will introduce new ways to experience the world. You can befriend them and learn to play with life at new levels. Essences do not judge you; they meet you where you are and understand what you can and cannot hear at the current moment. This class gives a proper introduction to these wonderful beings, as a simple blurb cannot do them justice. 

Edward Bach, creator and founder of the Bach Flower Remedies, called flower essences “happy fellows of the plant world.”  This class is a guide on how to start working with these happy fellows, and no previous experience with flower essences is needed.  I speak about what they are, what they do, ways to work with them, and how they can become supportive companions on your journey through life. I also go over relevant essences for our times. Take this opportunity to meet some new and dear friends. Your future self will thank you for it.