Flower essence work can be very subtle; it shows itself in the form of inspiration.  People can be inspired to bring something into or remove something from their lives. Some get insights that seem to appear out of the blue. These thoughts and actions might appear to be small and insignificant at first, but they contain a great deal of power. They steer you onto a different path. The change in direction can be imperceptible at first, but if you continue down this road, eventually you’ll find  yourself in a completely new landscape than you would’ve been had you not had this course correction. Essences help you experience that any shift (no matter how slight) is a total shift, as the change in perspective allows you access to different insights and options. Examples of inspired shifts are below. Of course, all names have been changed, and personal details are veiled so only the needed context around the essence’s inspiration is shared. 

Cynthia was assaulted on the street. After this isolated incident, she was convinced she would be attacked inside her home. The fear made it so she couldn’t sleep when her spouse was away. Her essence formulas centered around safety and support. During the essence cycles, Cynthia was prompted to look at things in her life exacerbating the fear. She was inspired to give up the crime and horror programs she loved. Before her formulas, she was unwilling to cut them out; she insisted they were a positive & safe form of entertainment that didn’t affect her at all.  Cynthia started to explore and use tools for when she found herself going into the fight/flight/freeze mode. Her path led her to ways that promoted and helped her stay in a relaxed state. The fear lessened its grip on her, and her sleep during these times improved. 

Jeannette has a single child (a tween at the time of consultation). The birth of this child was very long and traumatic. It required a caesarian section and a trauma team had to be brought in to resuscitate the baby. The child was ultimately safe and healthy.  Jeannette has experienced stagnancy since this time, almost like part of her was still stuck in the unclear & confused state brought on by the drugs needed for surgery.  Her formula focused on rejuvenation, instigating movement, and clearing trauma energy.  During the essence cycle, Jeannette said “all of a sudden” she received an urge to buy and wear a fitness tracker. She hadn’t been able to wear anything on her wrist since pregnancy; watches & such started to bother her wrists at this time. However, since taking the essence formula, she has been able to keep the tracker on her wrist. She says it is very comfortable and forgets she has it on. The fitness tracker motivates her to keep track of her steps and occasionally challenge herself to do more than her usual daily amounts. 

Rose is a young adult and wanted to move 400 miles away from her parents. She felt stuck on how to proceed; she was very fearful of not being able to afford a place on her own. She had a good job, but was convinced she’d have to quit it for the move. She had a healthy amount of savings and reassurance from her parents that she’d have a place to come back to if things didn’t work out. These financial assurances didn’t help, as Rose was terrified of spending money on anything. She would get very anxious when purchasing ordinary things like inexpensive beauty products and food; and she couldn’t conceive how she’d handle releasing a greater amount for rent and the associated housing bills. Her formula centered around releasing the specific fear of not having money, releasing limiting beliefs around money, and becoming conscious of available support.  She worked with the formula to release poverty consciousness. Rose was inspired to speak with her supervisor about remote work. This hadn’t been done in her department, but after some deliberation, the supervisor was okay with this arrangement. She also noticed the anxiety went away when purchasing smaller things like groceries and beauty products. She started to explore podcasts about finances. Rose began to feel and know that besides her having enough money to cover these smaller costs, she had the ability to make more money and manage her finances.  She also began to acknowledge and feel the safety net available to her via her parents. At the end of the essence cycle, Rose started to actively explore housing options in the new city. 

Sabrina experienced grief brought on by the pandemic’s lockdown.  A social situation she routinely participated in, along with the people in this social circle, were suddenly removed from her reality.  Sabrina knew this happy & exciting part of her life would not return; she recognized she was in a state of grief and couldn’t see a way to get past the loss. She equated this situation as the only way to happiness. Her formula centered around grief.  One day, she was waiting in her car at a stoplight and semi-consciously watching the people on the street walk faster than her vehicle. She had a sudden insight when absently looking at one of these walkers. This person’s physique wasn’t unusual, but somehow highlighted it was different than those in this old social circle. While this difference wasn’t important in itself, she said what it did was trigger a “knowing” that there are other people and situations out there that might serve her better than the ones in the past. She saw how she was limiting happiness by making it conditional upon a very rigid set of circumstances and people. In that moment, she experienced feeling grief melt out of her space, almost like going down a drain, which created a space almost instantaneously for newness to enter.  She didn’t have the space or capacity to allow for these possibilities before, but did so once able to release some of the grief.  After reflecting on this experience, Sabrina was able to validate the gifts received from this past situation, while at the same time understand the time and place for this situation had served its purpose…some things have an expiration date. She was at peace releasing this past experience and didn’t yearn for it anymore. 

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