Runic Anatomy

The runes are an ancient set of symbols that represent forces and elements in nature. There are several runic systems; the one I have studied and worked with for years is the Elder Futhark system. This is the oldest runic system and the one most often written about.  Runes are commonly used for divination and can also be used to call forth the energies behind the symbols.

They offer a way to interact with the formless realm, as the formless communicates messages to you through the physical world. Runes are often found on your daily path, hidden in both natural and man-made structures. Encountering these symbols can spark new ways to approach something or someone in your life. They might offer new meaning or depth to a situation, or provide an answer to a question you asked your spiritual team. Another way to interact with the runes is to ask questions to them directly. Whether you meet them unexpectedly on your path or consciously work with them for guidance, runes communicate information to you. They appear via the power of attraction; the energy behind the symbols that show up resonates with something in you.

Runes are a gateway to the state where the Divine dwells in eternity. They exist in this divine space and are part of Spirit, just like everything else in true reality. This is often forgotten in our very physical existence; however, the runes can help you remember your eternal connection to Spirit. They invite you into this divine realm via the portal of your body. You have all the tools needed for this journey; the runes simply ask you to show up and be open to receiving their guidance. In this program, I introduce each rune’s name, symbol, and the general concepts associated with it. I then go beyond basic knowledge and explore where each of the runic energies exist within your body. The runes called me to co-create this course with them and guided it from its inception to completion. Runes are holistic; they are practical as well as mystical. Throughout this journey, I speak of wellness, anatomy, body symbolism and body energetics in order to join the sacred with the mundane. Listen below to learn more about this voyage that helps you recognize the Divine within.