Tuning In is about making a deep commitment to yourself and wellness. It leads you on a journey of tuning into yourself, of looking within and getting to know yourself and your needs better.  You are the only person who will be with you for your entire life – wouldn’t you like to have a better understanding of what makes you tick? What creates harmony and joy in your life; and what creates stagnation, confusion and discord? This course helps you evaluate where you are and see what might be blocking you from experiencing greater vitality, wellness and peace. It is holistic and addresses many factors that impact wellness on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.   

This program is the culmination of years of working with herbal clients. You can consider it a wellness toolkit that has a number of modules, practices and avenues for exploration on your wellness journey; you choose the order and how many to work with. The advantage of having an on-demand course is the information is waiting for you to use on your own timeline. One size does not fit all for anything, let alone when it comes to wellness.

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