Each flower essence consultation lasts 45 minutes. In this session, we go over various aspects of your life, as well as the shifts you’d like support in.

  • Consultation cost: $110
  • The cost includes a personalized essence formula + shipping of formula to an address in the United States. International orders will have an additional charge.
  • Follow-up sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis, which varies for each client.

These are flower essence programs in which we delve into a specific theme over a period of about 8-12 weeks. Each journey is comprised of either 3 or 4 sessions, during which the client works with 2 or 3 customized formulas.

  • 3-session journey: $300
  • 4-session journey: $400
  • Personalized essence formulas + shipping fees to an address in the United States are included in each program’s cost. International orders will have an additional charge.

Current offerings include the following; however, please contact Amanda if you have a specific topic you wish to explore.

  • Cultivating Creativity
  • Deepening Communication
  • Inviting Transformation
  • Processing Grief

I work with the runes, an ancient set of symbols that represent forces and elements in nature. People use the runes for divination, as well as to call forth energies contained within the symbols. When I put a rune (or combination of runes called a bindrune) on an essence bottle, I intentionally invoke the energies behind the symbol(s) to be part of the vibrational mix. I have witnessed powerful shifts with the essence/rune combination. My practice is to include runes on essence formulas; however, I always check in with each person to see if they wish them to be included.

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The journey begins…