Working with Flower Essences

Essences are ethereal, mystical, and otherworldly. They lead you to spaces and states that enhance your being. The support provided comes from the formless realm and can be challenging to perceive as the language of essences (and the formless realm) is subtle, quiet and requires a different type of listening.  Once you recognize it, your reality starts to shift at a deeper level. This program is the result of many years of intense and consistent work with essences and the formless realm. It guides you on how to hear messages from essences and helps you become aware of the formless at work in your world. These tools help you recognize how an essence places a gentle hand on your shoulder as it leads you on or back to your soul’s path. There are four videos in this course:

Video 1: How to make flower essences; the difference between mother, stock, and dosage essences; environmental essences; and neighborhood essences

Video 2: How to choose, take, and consciously engage with essences

Video 3: How to work with essences, ways to perceive essence communication, and how to recognize changes & movement in your life brought about by essences

Video 4: Essences that help you tune into and connect deeper with the formless realm 

Essences are the music of nature. They create new harmony and rhythm in your world, in addition to helping you consciously show up to move with life. Knowing how to engage with essences allows you to be an active participant in this dance with the formless. If you are ready for new movement in your life, allow me to show you a different way to experience the world with essences. Learn things it has taken me years to discover, integrate, and translate into the language of the physical world.  This course gives tools to get the most out of essences. It teaches how to increase intimacy with essences in particular, and life in general.  Once you understand how essences communicate, you understand ways that Spirit speaks to you, as essences co-exist with Spirit. This course is appropriate for individuals using essences on their own, as well as essence practitioners who wish to expand on ways to guide clients.