Herbal medicine is the art of using plants and plant extracts to assist in bringing a person to a state of balance. Plant medicine is the oldest form of medicine in the world, one widely used in many cultures today. It tends to be wellness-based, and many aspects of a person’s life are considered before making plant recommendations. It is not the same as conventional western medicine, which tends to be disease-based. The paradigm of conventional medicine is if you have a particular symptom, you can take a particular pill to get rid of said symptom. This can be absolutely helpful and life-saving at times; however, how often is wellness spoken of in these 15-minute appointments? Many doctors sincerely want to help people, but the current medical system is set up to discourage them from getting to the root of why the symptom appeared in the first place; and skills aren’t taught on how to work with the person in achieving a state of true balance.

This is where herbal medicine shines; it is set up to look holistically at a person’s life to figure out how to get a person back into balance. It is not a replacement for conventional western medicine, but a complementary system of holistic support. One size does not fit all in herbal medicine because it is understood that each person’s physiology, lifestyle, and constitution are different. Herbal medicine is uniquely tailored to each person. It isn’t a “green pharmacy” where X plant takes the place of X pharmaceutical for X symptom. It can happen that way at times, but the medicine is usually more complex, just like the person seeking support on his or her wellness path.

The initial appointment goes over many aspects of a person’s life, from bodily concerns to relationships to diet to lifestyle. All of these factors are taken into consideration before recommending plant medicine, flower essences, lifestyle alterations, and/or lifestyle enhancements. If this form of wellness support calls to you, please contact Amanda to figure out if she is a good helper for you on your healing journey.  Healing is a very personal and intimate process, one that deserves respect and care by all members of your wellness team.