You can hear and think,  but you cannot listen and think.  – Michael J. Roads

Many are taught to hear, but not how to listen. Hearing is a process of perceiving sounds, while listening goes beyond this. It involves paying attention to and considering the sounds heard.  Hearing is generally passive, while true listening is active. Deep listening is active listening, a way of listening with its primary purpose being to understand the words spoken; it involves giving full attention to the speaker.  When you listen deeply, you improve communication skills with yourself and others. Actively listening to another also improves your focus, your ability to process information, and your ability to build stronger relationships. 

This course does not teach you how to counsel others or solve their problems; the problems of others are not yours to solve.  Rather, Deep Listening teaches how to actively listen to another person.  People need to know they matter, that they aren’t wasted space. Giving your attention and presence to another lets them know they are worth the time and effort involved in this act. Your presence is a present to another. It is also a present you give to yourself. Practices that promote self-awareness are discussed. Also discussed are energetic tools that help you be present and have boundaries. 

There is no time like the present – literally.  The past is gone and the future never comes. Start improving your listening skills now by enrolling in this course. The minimal financial investment will produce immeasurable value in your life. Using the techniques given on a consistent basis will shift how you interact with others and with yourself. It is worth your time to listen.


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